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Mauricio Lasansky:  The Art

Complete Catalogue of Prints

Mauricio Lasansky has created more than 200 prints over the course of his career. Our online catalogue details the complete inventory of prints from 1933 to present.

The Nazi Drawings

"The Nazi Drawings" examine the brutality of Nazi Germany. They are a powerful expression of the profound disgust and outrage Mauricio Lasansky felt after viewing a US Military documentary showing the victims and aftermath of Nazi atrocities. The artist worked intensively for six years to create the series, which consists of thirty individual pieces and one tryptich.

Retrospective Collections

While the works of Mauricio Lasansky cover a wide variety of subject matter, there exist within the catalogue several thematic groupings as well as specific sets of grouped works. The "thematic retrospectives" bring together these works, in context with the artist's thoughts.

The Process

The intaglio printmaking process is unique in its approach and complexity, resulting in prints that are themselves unique, and sometimes varied. The materials collected here provide some basic background on the intaglio printmaking process, the tools and techniques involved, and information for collectors and others with an interest in the details of how the works are created and editioned.

Works in Public Collections

Selected works of Mauricio Lasansky can be found in permanent collections around the world. We offer a partial list of galleries and museums displaying Lasansky works publicly.

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